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Shoreditch Shoot

Last weekend I asked three friends with no modelling experience if they would be willing to do a portrait shoot in Shoreditch. Despite mixed feelings of nervousness and flattery, they all kindly agreed.

With my background largely being in sports and event photography, I don't often get the chance to think or plan ahead - I have to think on my feet, constantly considering my settings and be aware of whats going on around me. 

Portraiture is a completely different discipline - while with events and sports, it pays to know what to expect, you still don't get the ability to control as much as you can with portraiture. I could choose the location, time of day (and therefore the light (though not necessarily the weather), the models and what look I was going for.

For me it was as much a learning experience as it was for Amy, Katya and Steph. I'd never shot with inexperienced models before, so it was really on me to direct and help them to get the best look possible. I'm really pleased with the results and that is in large part to how fantastic the three models were - they were happy to listen and they enjoyed themselves and I really think it shows!

Have a look below.