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Fashion Portraits - a new frontier

Sunday Funday as they say! My Sunday took me to an industrial estate in Walthamstow with my wonderful friends Florence and Lauren. Florence used to model and Lauren is one of my most stylish friends (and can advise me as to what looks best and also has an eye for a location.)

I went in having spent hours on Youtube tutorials, reading articles, preparing myself. I was fortunate in that Florence knew what she was doing, which made up for when I didn't. I learnt a lot on this shoot. 

I've learnt even more editing - unfortunately, most of the tutorials use presets for their editing workflow - I don't have an opinion on that, just that it makes it difficult to look at the processes behind the look of their portraits. I find I have my own style (which changes frequently) anyway, so I had a good time deciding what looked best. 

Have a look at some of the best below! (And also if you're looking for models, Florence is fantastic and you should hire here.)